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Build something great

I help people with a bright vision for the future

In business, it can be difficult to keep sight of what matters. That is especially true when it comes to managing everyone else's expectations. Profit and client needs are important, but a growth and service culture built on strong moral foundations is essential.

Commercial success, human impact

It is easy to tell ourselves that creating a socially responsible and high-impact business won't lead to financial abundance. This is your fear and cultural conditioning talking. The world is in desperate need of smart business people who care about more than money. I can help you to align your conscience with your financial needs so you can keep growing and making an impact.

I can help you to do great things

Experience the benefits of world-class coaching, built on over 25 years of commercial experience and deep cultural insight.

Learn to lead with love

Leading with love, from a place of compassion, empowers, unites and allows for truly great things to happen.

Express yourself honestly

Your upbringing may have taught you to live up to other people’s expectations, not your own. I will help you understand your true needs and set about fulfilling them.

Build positive networks

Focus on building relationships with people like you; who are inspired, driven and aligned with your way of thinking.

Make money a positive force

Eliminate negative thought patterns surrounding money and learn to leverage it to enhance your impact on the world.

Be unapologetically you

When we learn to let go of our fears of being judged, we set ourselves free, allowing magical things to start unfolding elsewhere.

What my clients say

"Simon’s coaching style allowed me to get to the heart of what was stopping me move forward and go for the things that I really want in life."


"There are executive coaches, and then there are life changers."

Garrett Glass
San Antonio, Texas

What does your heart say?

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