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Speaking & Training

I share deep insight to help your team perform at a consistently higher level.

Customised for your top performers

I frequently speak at events for a number of blue-chip organisations, delivering customised training to executive and management teams. I also conduct talks for next-generation members of wealthy families.

Learn how the best lead

I can draw on extensive leadership experience across both the military and wider commercial space working with some of the highest performing teams in the world. I deliver tailored speaking programs that teach the fundamentals of effective leadership.

A new start for your business culture

My leadership strategy is driven by key principles that bring profound change; first for individuals, then enterprises.

A win-win perspective

I believe there’s a way to make business beneficial to everyone. Learn to create win-win outcomes and move forward as a team.

Moral courage is key

When there is honesty and transparency, everyone can stay accountable. I show you how to have those tough conversations.

Deep integrity

Teams work best when they come together around a shared vision for the collective good - not misguided self interest.

A mindset for growth

This is non-negotiable. I will show you how to ‘fail well’ and see this as a necessary stepping-stone towards success.

Tough love

Everyone deserves honest and constructive feedback from a place of non-judgment. No blaming and shaming!

Strength through vulnerability

We all have limiting beliefs which hold us back and cause us to judge each other. We rise above these by being open and receptive.

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