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Many high achievers are the obsessive Type A's who are competitive, driven and single-minded. This lifestyle practically guarantees a 'mid-life crisis'. Ultimately, you can not sustain that level of high performance. But there is a smarter way to live a more fulfilled and high performing life. And yes - the two are closely linked!

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There is no objective scale for performance. Achieving high performance is all about finding a flow state where you are present, connected to your purpose and showing up with great integrity, vulnerability and openness.

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Experience the benefits of world-class coaching, built on over 25 years of commercial experience and deep cultural insight.

Find your flow state

Discovering that elusive state of productivity requires you to let go of your anxieties about the future. When you do, you will have access to your real potential.

Overcome perfectionism

Perfectionism is toxic. It keeps you small. Life is a process of growing, learning and improving. There is no perfect state.

Align with yourself

When you align with who you were born to be, your life changes forever. You can perform at consistently high levels and make it seem effortless.

Let go of attachment

Counter-intuitively for most of us, when we learn to let go of the desired outcome and enjoy the process, we create an environment for high performance.

Learn to embrace failure

That's how we grow and, ultimately, how we start to perform at the top level. Learning to reframe failure is pivotal to your success.

What my clients say

"Simon’s coaching style allowed me to get to the heart of what was stopping me move forward and go for the things that I really want in life."


"There are executive coaches, and then there are life changers."

Garrett Glass
San Antonio, Texas

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