Having lost complete sense of direction at one point in my life I got in touch with Simon and embarked on a journey of self-discovery that remains ever growing till this day.

From the very beginning Simon taught me to trust my inner compass and unlock my hidden potentials. I discovered how to set my own goals, implement strategies to scale new heights and celebrate my achievements and successes.

Simon is warm, friendly and a great listener. Always professional and oh-so patient, he is relentlessly positive with an unrivalled intuition.

Coaching sessions were dynamic and fun; I always walked away with clearer thinking, feeling confident, inspired and with a sense of newfound energy. Above all, I learned to listen to my heart and not my head and use the many tools Simon provided me with to tame my inner gremlin.

I could fill entire pages with details of my coaching journey but the greatest achievement of all was the gradual disappearance of the debilitating migraines that afflicted me on a daily basis. I had struggled for years with a foggy brain and no medication was able to relieve my agony. I still have to pinch myself every morning as I am now able to lead a pain-free and meaningful existence. This is undoubtedly a true testament to Simon’s success as a coach.

I am forever grateful to Simon for helping me take back control of my life. He is a wonderful coach and mentor with true integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others turn their dreams into reality.

More testimonials

“His eloquence, intuition, direct communication and motivation make him an unbelievable life coach.”

Jessica Worth
San Antonio, Texas

"There are executive coaches, and then there are life changers."

Garrett Glass
San Antonio, Texas

"When I finally saw the Truth (rather than my distorted version of the truth), my world changed."

Sarah Bellorini

"He has been a pivotal part of my life and anyone that has the pleasure of working with him will be forever grateful for!"

Alexia Hargrave

"Simon saved my life. If you don’t believe me then just ask my wife and kids what the best thing is that’s happened to me in the last five years."

Ted Jackson
United Kingdom

"His intellect and empathy transcend generations and gender with mastery and his influence for good to the individual and broader organisation is mesmerising."

Alexander Mavros

"He challenged my incredibly staunch views and through a series of in depth conversations he developed, in me, a whole new way of thinking."

Sarah Keltie

"What I actually came away with was a totally new way of looking at my life."

Victoria Willis

"I now instinctively know who and where to focus my energy and this has hugely benefited me but also my family, friends, team and clients."

Jessica McGawley

"An incredible journey into self awareness and the realisation that you yourself can make life more positive, purposeful, authentic and ultimately inspiring."

Georgina Vaughan

"His coaching certainly transformed not just the way I work but also the way I now lead my life."

Paul Douglas

"I am so blessed to have Simon on my team, and I wish everyone could experience his coaching first hand."

Erica Bachelor
Los Angeles

"Working with Simon has been a life changing experience."

Tommy Gordon

"Simon’s coaching style allowed me to get to the heart of what was stopping me move forward and go for the things that I really want in life."


"Simon helped me remember. Who I was, what really mattered, how it felt to be able to dream."


"It has been an amazing journey. I feel energized, happy, and confident. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place."

Ed de Courcy

"I didn’t think I needed a coach... Simon wasn’t at all what I was expecting."

Daisy Peat
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