"I contacted Simon to help me approach how to deal with the gap in my CV, having stopped working for 10 years to look after my two children. As I began investigating returning to work, I found myself apologizing for the choice I had actively made to be a full-time mother. Despite knowing I had energy and valuable experience to offer, I believed that potential employers would view my absence from the workplace negatively and this would affect my chances of gaining employment. So my initial email to Simon indicated that I was looking for the magic ‘right way’ of dressing up my CV and the ‘right way’ to approach interviews.

What I actually came away with was a totally new way of looking at my life.

Surprisingly, during our first session, Simon didn’t ask to see my CV so that we could run through it line by line. Instead, he walked me through a very powerful exercise to re-evaluate the conscious decision I had made to become a full-time mum and wife. He showed me that rather than being ‘just a mum’ as I typically described myself, I was immensely proud of the part I had played in supporting my husband and looking after my children. The CV dressing was merely that. I discovered that my limiting beliefs of others’ perceptions had created a speed hump on my journey to return to work. I finished our first session feeling liberated and happy and calm and resolved. The feelings of inadequacy and apology that had surrounded my thoughts when considering returning to the workplace had gone.

This was just the start!

After completing an Energy Level Index Assessment, which was astonishingly accurate in its description of my reaction to stressful situations, Simon explained how the different energy levels affect our journey through life. Equipped with an understanding of my behaviour, I feel I am living far more consciously now.

The psychology behind a lot of the ideas Simon introduced me to interests me. On occasions, Simon would ask me simply to trust him as he took me through an exercise, but he always took time to explain ‘the science’ after the event.

I wrote copious notes and together with recommended websites, reading and TED talks, I feel I have a significant amount of material I can refer back to, should I come across another speed hump in time.

I found the pace of the subjects we covered just right and was impressed by how Simon could pick up on the areas we needed to cover so accurately.

For years I have struggled with internal critical dialogue. I realize now just how debilitating and spoiling this dialogue has been – removing a good percentage of joy from day to day existence. In one of our sessions, Simon and I worked through an exercise with regards to the internal critic, turning it from a mean and whiny voice into a powerful ally. I am astonished by how this has continued and how much more joy I am experiencing at the moment.

I have had negative beliefs that have held me back rather than improve my life and coaching has helped me to deal with them. The positive impact on my family has been the biggest delight for me. With the removal of the inner critic I have spent some very precious moments with my family, regardless of whether the pasta was cooked to perfection or the sheets were ironed!"

More testimonials

“His eloquence, intuition, direct communication and motivation make him an unbelievable life coach.”

Jessica Worth
San Antonio, Texas

"There are executive coaches, and then there are life changers."

Garrett Glass
San Antonio, Texas

"When I finally saw the Truth (rather than my distorted version of the truth), my world changed."

Sarah Bellorini

"Simon is warm, friendly and a great listener. Always professional and oh-so patient, he is relentlessly positive with an unrivalled intuition."

Maria Sukkar

"He has been a pivotal part of my life and anyone that has the pleasure of working with him will be forever grateful for!"

Alexia Hargrave

"Simon saved my life. If you don’t believe me then just ask my wife and kids what the best thing is that’s happened to me in the last five years."

Ted Jackson
United Kingdom

"His intellect and empathy transcend generations and gender with mastery and his influence for good to the individual and broader organisation is mesmerising."

Alexander Mavros

"He challenged my incredibly staunch views and through a series of in depth conversations he developed, in me, a whole new way of thinking."

Sarah Keltie

"I now instinctively know who and where to focus my energy and this has hugely benefited me but also my family, friends, team and clients."

Jessica McGawley

"An incredible journey into self awareness and the realisation that you yourself can make life more positive, purposeful, authentic and ultimately inspiring."

Georgina Vaughan

"His coaching certainly transformed not just the way I work but also the way I now lead my life."

Paul Douglas

"I am so blessed to have Simon on my team, and I wish everyone could experience his coaching first hand."

Erica Bachelor
Los Angeles

"Working with Simon has been a life changing experience."

Tommy Gordon

"Simon’s coaching style allowed me to get to the heart of what was stopping me move forward and go for the things that I really want in life."


"Simon helped me remember. Who I was, what really mattered, how it felt to be able to dream."


"It has been an amazing journey. I feel energized, happy, and confident. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place."

Ed de Courcy

"I didn’t think I needed a coach... Simon wasn’t at all what I was expecting."

Daisy Peat
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